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October 3, 2007
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Okay. Words of Wisdom for Today:
If you tell yourself you're going to fail before you even try, then your heart is admitting defeat, and you will have already lost.

The Actual name of this is 50 Ways to Annoy Orochimaru and his Bitch Kabuto, but that wouldn't fit. D:

1. Steal Kabuto's glasses

2. Braid Orochimaru's hair.

3. paint a lightning shaped scar on Kabuto's forehead.

4. Call Orochimaru a pedophile, When he denies, ask him why he fondles little boys cheeks.

5. Ask Kabuto if he actually molests Orochimaru back to health.

6. Pants Orochimaru when he's fighting with Tsunade and Jiraiya.

7. Tell Kabuto exactly how Orochimaru is going to die.

8. Lock yourself in Kimimaro's room, and use a cure for TB on him.

9. Sob to Orochimaru about how cute he was when he was a little boy.

10. Run into Suigetsu's room with Sasuke, and then throw Sasuke into the water RIGHT when Kabuto and Orochimaru come in, and scream, 'SUIGETSU CAPTURED SASUKE AND IS RAPING HIM!!!" And then laugh really hard when Sasuke comes up, drenched and missing portions of his outfit. I promise Orochimaru will be like, "OMFG SERIOUSLY!?" becuz Sasuke's missing clothing.(which you stole Oo)

11. Kidnap Sasuke before he gets to Orochimaru, and tie him and take him to Itachi. You then must tell Itachi to take very good care of his little brother, don't let him go, no matter WHAT, don't kill him, feed him, and untie him when he wakes up. And don't kill him. (remind him of the fangirls)

12. Then taunt Orochimaru with the knowledge of Sasuke's whereabouts.

13. Stick your ass in Kabuto's face and say, "Who loves kitty? Do you love kitty? Are these your shoes?*puke in his shoes* Who loves kitty?" If he doesn't, grab him all threateningly, and, in a demonic voice, say, "DO YOU LOVE KITTY OR NOT!?!?!?"

14. Ask Orochimaru why he lets his bitch watch him shower.

15. Call Orochimaru "Drag Queen of the World!"

16. mix up Kabuto's poisons with him medications and DO NOT tell him.

17. Go through Kabuto's important stuff, and drop a bottle of alcohol on a lit candle while youre in there.

18. While Sasuke is training with Orochimaru, come out randomly screaming, "THE MANSION IS ON FIRE!!!" And when they don't believe you, say, "Okay, it isn't yet. Let me rephrase that. KABUTO WAS CARRYING A TORCH CUZ I BLEW OUT THE LIGHT IN HIS ROOM AND I THREW RUBBING ALCOHOL ON HIM!! So basically, now he's on fire, and the mansion is um.. yeah. You may wanna call the fire department."

19. Call Orochimaru a gay pimp.

20. break and destroy important shit in Orochimaru's rooms.

21. In the episode where Kimimaro dies, and Kabuto's like, "He's dead." or whatever, say "HOW THE HELL CAN YOU TELL!?!?" and then pants him.

22. Melvin Orochimaru.

23. when training his disciple(Sasuke), run into the middle of the fight stripped naked with Suigetsu saying, "We're going to wonder land! AND SASUKE'S COMING TOO!" And then strip Sasuke naked and run away with him.

24. put on Orochimaru's clothes and walk up to Orochimaru himself saying, "hey sexy, wanna go for a ride?" If he agrees, take him to your car, which you stole, and drive around psychotically, and run over a few important people. Like Sasuke.

25. Sneak up behind Orochimaru when he's in the shower. Make sure you have a huge ass dildo, and make him drop the soap. oO Then...if he doesn't get it... JUST SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS ANYWAY! :D

26. Ask Orochimaru why he doesn't wipe the chalk off his face.

27. Mess with Kabuto's shit when he's trying to experiment/operate on people. Like... switch heroine for the anesthetic.

28. Wait until Kabuto and Orochimaru are in the same place... and then run in with a huge pan-thing with lit-on-fire marijuana in it.

29. Get Kabuto high when he's trying to do important stuff that requires lots of concentration

30. In permanent stuff, write the words 'GAY FOR OROCHIMARU' one every single one of Kabuto's shirts, and make sure it stays...FOREVER.

31. Practice alchemy on Kabuto's huge green glass jars. Roughly

32. Create Cell in Kabuto's labratory.

33. pull Orochimaru's hair. inconsistently.

34. Better yet, CUT Orochimaru's hair. :D lmao.

35. write 'GAY FOR ITACHI' in huge letters across Orochimaru's forehead.

36. Order bondage material.

37. Use your bondage material.

38. every time Orochimaru switches hideouts, light something on fire with alcohol and explosives, and a single candle. and EVERYTIME it MUST be that somebody had a fire, and you just HAPPENED to be holding some rubbing alcohol that you stole from Kabuto...

39. Install Wal-mart like speaker things. And then, once you've got them working, every so often, say in a kind, captain-of-the-plane-type voice 'Uchiha Sasuke, please report to Orochimaru. I repeat, Uchiha Sasuke, please report to Orochimaru. he wants to fuck your brains out. I repeat. He wants to fuck your brains out.

40. Taunt Sasuke with the knowledge of Itachi's EXACT AND PRECISE whereabouts.(, tracking devices! :D)

41. Kidnap Orochimaru hide him in the Uchiha Estate.

42. Tell Tsunade Orochimaru's precise whereabouts every time he moves.

43. Sing Cyndi Lauper 'Girls just wanna have fun' repeatedly for hours at a time while following Kabuto or Orochimaru around.

44. Repeatedly get Orochimaru bitten by poisonous snakes while he's asleep.

45. Let the prisoners go. All of them.

46. Ask Orochimaru why he's so frikken' obsessed over the Sharigan. GAWD.

47. Carry around a stereo everywhere, and when Orochimaru walks into a room, start playing his theme song.

48. Dye Kabuto's hair purple.

49. Do whatever ANYONE wants you to do, but only if there Oro's enemies. Like, "Where is Orochimaru?" You would tell them his exact location, and even lead the way.

50. Read them this list.
:D It never gets old, does it? XD I'll finish up with some more Naruto characters, and then start Death Note. "50 Ways Annoy L/Kira/Misa/Whoever the hell. I dont know. XD AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm a dumbass.
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Insane Laughter 
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7. Orochimaru has returned, so that one is obsolete... And he never died....
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